WinBid Pairings for iPhone and iPod Touch




WinBid Pairings for iPhone and iPod Touch


WinBid Pairings is an all-around iPhone trip organizer for airline crews.

  • Download entire pairing packages for your aircraft and crew base in seconds
  • Select pairings as your pairings, where crew names, notes, departure/arrival gates and passenger loads can be permanently saved
  • Display your pairings on Apple Watch, with times, gates, and passenger counts (more info)
  • Find pairings that match your parameters
  • Logbook feature to maintain a legal logbook with instant totals for recency
  • Seed logbook legs with your pairings (only make minor changes for actual time etc.)
  • Import personal and split pairings from WinBid for Mac
  • Logbook feature with FAR 117 reporting
  • Filter pairings for your parameters (including aircraft filters for F/As)
  • Table format for viewing all pairings, with optional theme colors
  • Share scheduled pairings (with notes, names etc.) and logbook with WinBid for Mac via Drobox account
  • Dropbox sharing of scheduled pairings (notes, crew names, pax loads) and logbook with WinBid Schedule for Windows, and WinBid for Mac.
  • Built-in DECS features, including DECS schedule and pairing commands. Import pairings directly from DECS. (pilots only)
  • Includes Instant DECS with plain English menus: no arcane commands and inconsistent formatting to remember (pilots only)
  • Includes DECS HISEND without archaic form selection etc. (pilots only)
  • Supports pairings for all AA pilots and former LUS flight attendants

Replace your paper "trip sheets" with WinBid Pairings on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Supported Airlines:

  • AA
  • Contact the developer to add your airline


App Store

Download it from the Apple App Store

More Features


  • Download thousands of pairings in seconds
  • Each pairing package is organized, listing pairing details for quick reference
  • Save and view your pairings along with notes such as crew names etc.
  • Add/update departure and arrival gates via Wifi or cell for saved pairings
  • Add/update passenger loads from Travel Planner
  • Print or email your saved pairing
  • Easy setup – nothing else needed (stand-alone, WinBid desktop not required)
  • Use Dropbox to share pairings, crew names, notes etc. from desktop WinBid for Windows. Edited pairings (splits, legs/duty periods added/removed) from desktop WinBid can be shared using Dropbox.
  • No charge for monthly downloads. No recurring fees.



See How to Use WinBid Pairings for a full list of features



  • iPhone 5/S, 6/S, 6+/S, 7, 7+, iPod Touch
  • iOS 9.0 or later
  • DECS personal mode credentials for DECS access (pilots only)
  • Note: WinBid Pairings 2 is made for iPhone or iPod Touch, although it may run on iPad, it is not directly supported for iPad.



Help and Technical Support

You can contact SafiSoft directly at Be sure to include “WinBid Pairings 2” in the email subject line, as well as your installed version number as listed in the information view.





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