How To Use WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch



Help and Technical Support

You can contact SafiSoft directly at Be sure to include “WinBid Pairings 2” in the email subject line, as well as your installed version number as listed in the information view.


Main Interface


The main functions of WinBid Pairings 2 are accessible from the tabs on the bottom of the view.


Press a tab to switch to the selected view.





The Toolbar provides access to all the functions of WinBid Pairings. The Toolbar will change depending on the view that is displayed.  If the tab bar at the bottom of the main view is not visible, you can navigate back to the previous view using the left-most button on the Toolbar.


The primary actions for each view are found in the action toolbar button.



My Pairings View


Any pairing that you have saved, or importing from iTunes is in the My Pairings view.  Press a pairing to display it. It can be edited to add crew names, notes, departure/arrival gates and passenger loads.



Gates and passenger loads are added automatically when you select those actions from the share button at the bottom of the view.



Pairing Actions

Note: Airlines do not publish gate information more than 2 days out, however passenger loads are published for up to a year in advance.


Apple Watch App

If you have WinBid Pairings 2.3.0 or higher, you the WinBid Pairings 2 Apple Watch app will automatically be installed onto your watch. It is presented in the apps listed from the Apple Watch digital crown, and also in Glances.


Interactve Mode


Start the WinBid Pairings 2 Watch app with your digital crown and select the WinBid Pairings 2 icon.



The interactive mode will launch by showing the pairing activity for the current date. The current leg will be highlighted. The pairing must have been saved in "My Pairings" on your iPhone for it to be visible in the WinBid Pairings Watch app.



Gates that are not available (too far into the future) will be either blank or indicated by "---". Any scheduled equipment changes are indicated with the flight number displayed in yellow.



Press any leg for more information, or to update gates, or get status for a flight.



From the interactive mode, you can change the displayed date by pressing at the top of the Watch display.





In Glances, any pairing activity for the curent date is displayed. If you want to get more information than is presented in Glances, simply press and the interactive mode will load. From their you can select a different date (in the future, or a few days in the past).



Edit Pairing Notes


Pressing the Edit button in the top right corner of your pairing will permit you to add personal notes. One purpose for the notes section is to add crew names.


Sharing Pairing Details (Including Crew Names) Using Dropbox


Any change to “My Schedule” or the logbook in WinBid for Mac is sent to Dropbox and then is available in WinBid Pairings 2 on your iPhone. Even small changes to pairings (crew names, passenger loads, etc.) are sent to your iPhone via Dropbox Simply configure WinBid Schedule or WinBid 8 for Dropbox, and then configure WinBid Pairings 2 for Dropbox. Any change to schedule or logbook is reflected in your iPhone, and any changes on your iPhone are synced by to your desktop computer.


My Pairings Action Menu



Removing Items In WinBid Pairings 2


Throughout WinBid Pairings 2, you may have items you wish to remove from any list display. For example, you may want to delete a pairing from the My Pairings view. Likewise, you may want to remove a logbook entry, or delete a pairings package from a previous month. To remove or delete any item, simply use the swipe gesture from side to side, and then press the Delete button that appears to the right of the item you want removed.



Select Month View


Use the Select Month view to select a pairing package for a crew base, aircraft, and bid month and year. You can also add a pairing package by using the Add button.


You can delete a previous month’s pairing package with the side to side swipe gesture.


Pairing packages can be downloaded using LTE, 3G, or Wifi. Some hotel Wifi systems block access for some Internet processes. If you have difficulty downloading with Wifi, consider turning Wifi off and download with your carrier’s cell data service.



Pairings View


Once you selected a pairing package in the Select Month view, you can list the pairings by origination date, or all together. Select a date then select a pairing to display.


Saving a Pairing


Any pairing that has date information can be saved as your personal pairing. After a pairing is saved, it can be selected from the My Pairings view, and edited etc. All phone numbers are linked for quick dialing from your iPhone.


All saved pairings (and any changes to them) are sent back to WinBid for Mac or WinBid 8 for Windows "My Schedule" via Dropbox if you have enabled Dropbox on both your Mac/Windows and your iPhone.


Filter View


The Filter view allows you to find pairings that match your parameters. You can specify date, times, and days in the trip. Press the Filter button to display a list of pairings that match your parameters, and selecting any pairing will then display the individual pairing.


Note: if you view a pairing that does not include its origination date, the Save button is not enabled. To save a pairing to My Pairings, display the pairing using its origination date.



Logbook View


The logbook is a leg-by-leg logbook for recording actual flight times. Each entry has fields for date, flight number, aircraft tail number, departure and arrival cities, pilot in command and pilot flying. Times are saved for block-to-block, instrument, night, pay and rig time.

The logbook can be seeded with legs from your personal pairings in the My Pairings view. If this feature is used, all the only additional entries necessary for a legal logbook are the aircraft tail number, and adjusting times for actual time.


All changes to your logbook are sent back to WinBid on your desktop if Dropbox is enabled on your Mac/Windows and your iPhone.


To bring time forward, simply add a new record, and enter the time (up to 9,999 hours per entry).


The logbook can also be exported to a comma-delimited file format for import into other software.


Note: the logbook is normally backed up by iTunes with all your phone data. The logbook export feature is not designed as a logbook backup.





Logbook Action Menu




Logbook Totals and Recency


The Logbook Totals action menu will display the times for the logbook.




Using Dropbox to Share Schedule and Logbook


WinBid can keep track of your flying schedule from month to month in “My Schedule.” As well, it can help you keep track of your flying time in “My Logbook.”




If you use WinBid Pairings 2 on your iPhone your scheduled pairings and logbook can be shared between your Mac and your iPhone (and your iPad if you have the apps there as well!).


Using the Dropbox feature, if there are any changes to your schedule on your desktop computer, then those changes are sent via the cloud to your iPhone – and vice versa. Likewise, any changes to your logbook on your desktop computer and those changes are sent via cloud to your iPhone – change them on your iPhone and the changes are sent to your desktop computer.


Unlike some apps, you are in complete control of how Dropbox treats your data. You will always be asked before your scheduled pairings or your logbook is replaced from the cloud.


When you select My Pairings in WinBid Pairings 2  (or My Schedule in WinBid for Mac, WinBid Schedule, or WinBid 8), a check in the cloud is made for a newer version of your scheduled pairings. If a newer version is found, you are asked if you would like to replace the current version with the newer version.  Likewise, when you select Logbook in WinBid Pairings 2 (or My Logbook in WinBid for Mac or WinBid Logbook for Windows), you will be given the option to replace the logbook if a newer one is found in the cloud.





No warranty is implied for WinBid Pairings 2. The author is not responsible for pairing package contents. Always compare trip data to official airline information.

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