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winDECS brings DECS to the Mac or Windows desktop. Common DECS commands are represented in plain English, organized by type, category and presented in menus.


With winDECS, there is no need to remember arcane codes or command formatting - winDECS does it all for you. winDECS takes your selections, and "fetches" the resultant DECS screens. All of your DECS interactions are saved, including the selection and the DECS response screen as a DECS history. The saved history can be printed, deleted, or archived indefinitely.


With winDECS, all you need is a valid AA ID and a current DECS personal mode password...


Configuration (Preferences)

When winDECS starts for the first time, the Preferences window will display.




winDECS Controls




The View Toolbar Button



When pressed, View toolbar button will display 3 options: DECS, History, or Command-line.


Using the Sidebar


The Sidebar is where all of the DECS menus reside. Simply expannd the category list and then click on the DECS option you want



The Speedbar


Selecting any DECS menu option will immediately switch the view to DECS and display the Speedbar. The Speedbar displays the DECS command, which in most cases can simply be ignored while your DECS response is fetched. The response is displayed below the Speedbar. If you need to adjust any of the parameters in the DECS command, you can make the changed and then click Refresh to fetch the changes. Remember, all that you see displayed is saved indefinitely in winDECS history.


Using the Print toolbar button, any DECS response can be printed directly from the DECS view, or later from History.



DECS History


From the View toolbar button, you can select History (or History, DECS Responses from the Sidebar). All DECS responses are saved by default. You can view, print, delete or archive your DECS activity from the History view.



All DECS commands are also saved for reselection in History, DECS Commands Sidebar. Simply click and select a previous DECS command to be executed again.



Custom Personal DECS Commands


If you do not find a DECS command in winDECS, you may be able to add it to the winDECS database of commands. Please note that not all DECS or FOS commands can be accessed through winDECS. For example, some RES commands that are available with a DECS logon may not work in winDECS. Likewise, any DECS commands that require multiple screens or forms will not work.


To add or edit a personal DECS command, either select the File, Personal Commands menu or go to Preferences > Advanced, Personal Commands.



Custom Personal DECS commands can be added, deleted, or edited from this window. To add a command, press the Add button. To delete a command that you have previously entered, select the command in the list and then press the Delete button. To edit a command previously entered, double-click it in the list.




The following fields are offered for a personal DECS command:

Standard Parameter Names


To take advantage of the standard parameter names, they should be entered exactly as displayed in bold, including upper and lower case letters.

To better understand the format for personal DECS commands, here are some examples of DECS command format from winDECS own database:





Alternate Format

All flights for a month




Current pairing




Any pairing, by flight number


HFS/Position/Flight number/Date/Departure station


Display, including assigned (N3)


N3/Division/Crew base/Aircraft/Position/Date


Flight plan


JPD/Flight number/Date/Departure station




WBD*/Flight number/Date/Departure station


Flight status


FI/Flight number/Date/Departure station


MEL status








Is there a DECS command that you use that you want to see implemented in winDECS? Please let us know. winDECS is entirely database driven, which means that there is great potential for menued and automated DECS access.




Technical Support

If you need technical support you can contact SafiSoft directly at Be sure to include "winDECS" in the email subject line, as well as your installed version number as listed in the main About winDECS menu.



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