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WinBid Schedule


WinBid Schedule maintains airline pilots' and flight attendants' daily and monthly schedule. WinBid Schedule has the unique capability of staying in sync with WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone or WinBid Schedule for iPad using your free Dropbox account.


WinBid Schedule keeps all your trips indefinitely, displaying them in a beautiful calendar with color-coded time bars. Your pairings are displayed in a crisp, neat format along with passenger loads, crew names, and pairing notes. All changes are sent automatically to the cloud for display in WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone or WinBid Schedule for iPad. Likewise, any changes in your iPhone or iPad, and those changes are reflected on your PC.


WinBid Schedule can automatically retrieve monthly lines and pairings for browsing You can browse the pairings, arranged by date or pairing number, as well as filter for pairings that match your parameters.



Managing Your Schedule


WinBid Schedule has the ability to manage the pairings that you fly as well as track your block and pay time for training and vacation days. You can save your line’s scheduled pairings along with notes and they are saved regardless of the currently displayed bid month configuration. You can display previous months along with the pairings and notes even if for a different than the currently displayed aircraft. Your pairings and notes are displayed with a single-click on the pairing in any calendar day. You can adjust your monthly block and pay by adjusting the time at the bottom of the pairing viewer.




If Dropbox is configured on your computer, you can share your scheduled pairings between WinBid Schedule and WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone or WinBid Schedule for iPad. Any changes you make in either app can appear in the other app. This is the easiest way to share your scheduled pairings and notes with your iPhone or iPad.


To add a pairing or an event such as training, reserve, or vacation to your schedule, click the + button and select the pairing to add.

To delete a pairing or an event, click the button in the date on the calendar. To delete an entire month’s activity, click the -- button below the calendar.



If you are adding vacation or training days, you will be able to set or adjust the pay time by clicking on the vacation or training day that is added to the calendar. You can also adjust a pairings’ block and pay time for monthly totals.


A note (with no pay value) can also be added to the calendar from the + button, however it takes the place of a paying event.


To delete an entire month’s activity, click the -- button below the calendar. To delete an entire month’s activity, click the -- button below the calendar.


If you want to add events to a month other than the currently displayed bid month, simply use the Previous Month or Next Month button to go to the desired month. If the bid package for that month is present, you can add a line or a pairing to the calendar.


Once a pairing is added to the calendar, you can add or edit notes regardless of the current lines package.

Add Crew Names and Passenger Loads


To add passenger loads to a pairing, press the Pax button on the toolbar of the pairing window.


To add crew names, press the Crew button on the toolbar.



The FFDO toolbar button will create an FFDO activity report and send it to the clipboard where it can be pasted into SecureSkies.


Export Pairings to Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.


If you would like to export an individual pairing, use the Export toolbar button in the pairing window. If you would like to export an entire month’s events, use the File, Export this Month’s Events menu.


Editing Pairings


The Pairing Editor allows you to edit a pairing's details. You can also add or remove legs, duty periods, etc. for irregular operations or interrupted trips. The only limitation in the Pairing Editor is that you cannot add a new pairing - it must be based upon some existing pairing (although you could completely modify the pairing so that it was completely different).


To edit a pairing, click Browse Pairings on the left sidebar of WinBid Schedule. Click the + button at the bottom of the list of pairings. When the Pairing Editor is displayed, find the pairing number upon which the edited pairing will be based.




If at any time during the editing process, if you want to return to the default settings for the pairing, simply cancel or select a different pairing without saving.


You can edit any legs or duty periods. You can add duty periods or calendar days (to a maximum of 4).  You can also remove duty periods. Add or remove a duty period with the arrow button to add or subtract. To add a leg, use the + button. To remove a leg, highlight it and then use the button. To change any leg’s information, click on the leg and then the field to change and you will be able to edit that field.



The Recalculate Times button will compute and total all times so you can see how you are doing and check for errors. Any field that cannot be altered is computed by the Recalculate Times button.


For duty periods that begin with an international leg, select the 90 minute check in checkbox. For duty periods that span multiple days with an intervening hotel (not legal rest), select the all nighter (continuous on duty) option. For layovers that are over 24 hours (i.e. span more than one calendar day), select the layover is over 24 hours option.


When you are finished making your changes to a pairing, click the Save button. The pairing will now be listed in Pairing Browser when you select All Pairings (i.e. without a date). It will also be available when you want to add an individual pairing to your monthly schedule.


Remember, because the edited pairing is likely named to a different name, if you want to add crew names, you will need to use the “use flight number” option for crew names instead of the pairing number.


Note: if you only want to adjust the block and pay time for monthly totals, you do not need to use the Pairing Editor. Simply adjust the time(s) by clicking on the pairing in the calendar.



Bid Packages


To add a line or an individual pairing to your schedule, you will first need the bid package for the displayed calendar month.


To download a month’s bid package, simply select the File, Download Bid Package menu, or click on the Browse Pairings link on the sidebar.




You can delete previous bid packages for months that are past, by selecting the Manage button on the main toolbar.




The File, Preferences menu (or Prefs toolbar button) displays the WinBid Schedule preferences settings.


General Preferences

  • WinBid License: WinBid Schedule license key
  • AA ID: Six-digit payroll number. Include leading zeros if needed
  • AA Password: Your current Jetnet password
  • DECS Password: Your DECS personal mode password (pilots only)

Crew position, crew base, and aircraft  these settings dictate what bid package files WinBid Schedule downloads. 

  • Use Dropbox: If selected, and Dropbox has been configured in WinBid Pairings 2 on iPhone, this will share all scheduled pairings (including notes, names, loads, etc.) between WinBid Pairings 2 on iPhone and WinBid Schedule.
  • Crew position, crew base, aircraft, lineholder, reserve, and secondary: these settings dictate what bid package files WinBid Schedule downloads. Note: reserve and secondary are not supplied for the flight attendant position.

Colors Preferences


  • Theme Color: This allows you to adjust the theme color throughout the program, including the print color of pairings (if color printing is selected).
  • Calendar Colors: This allows you to adjust the time bar colors for events on the main calendar. Each of the eight event types (1 day, 2 day, training, vacation, etc.) can have a different color, or all the same color or gray scale. The event text can be white or black.

Click on a time bar color to change and Windows color dialog is presented. If you want to further define the color, all sixteen million colors are available by pressing the Define Custom Colors button. This is especially helpful if you want more muted or pastel colors.


WinBid Schedule Sidebar and Toolbar



Browse Pairings


If the bid package for the displayed month is available, the pairings can be viewed by clicking the Browse Pairings link in the sidebar. Pairings can be viewed by origination date, or irrespective of date. Clicking on a pairing in the list, will display the pairing details.



Filter/Find Pairings


If you want to find pairings that match your parameters, select the Filter/Find Pairings link on the sidebar.




Using Dropbox to Share Scheduled Pairings


WinBid Schedule can keep track of your flying schedule from month to month.


If you use WinBid Pairings 2 on your iPhone or WinBid Schedule on your iPad your scheduled pairings can be shared between WinBid Schedule and your iPhone (and your iPad if you have the apps there as well!).


Using the Dropbox feature, if there are any changes to your schedule in WinBid Schedule, then those changes are sent via Dropbox to your iPhone – and vice versa.


Unlike some apps, you are in complete control of how Dropbox treats your data. You will always be asked before your scheduled pairings is replaced from Dropbox.


Configuring Dropbox


To use Dropbox to share your schedule with your iPhone, you must first configure WinBid Pairings 2 for iPhone to use Dropbox. In WinBid Pairings 2, go to Preferences and select Use Dropbox for sync.


If you do not have WinBid Pairings 2, or if it has not been configured to use Dropbox, or if you do not have a Dropbox account, Dropbox is not used by WinBid Schedule.

When you start WinBid Schedule, Dropbox is checked for a newer version of your scheduled pairings. If a newer version is found, you are asked if you would like to replace the current version with the newer version. 



If you want to replace your scheduled pairings with data in Dropbox regardless of which location is newer, simply select the File, Check Dropbox for Schedule menu (or Action, Check Dropbox for Schedule button on iPhone).


Dropbox Configuration Cautions


WinBid Pairings 2 and WinBid Schedule share Dropbox only if your Dropbox is configured correctly.

  • Dropbox must be installed to Mac/PC. The Dropbox does not have to be installed on iPhone/iPad.
  • Dropbox’s default folder location on Mac/PC may not be changed
  • Dropbox’s Apps sub folder cannot be manually manipulated without first contacting SafiSoft

Strategies for Sharing Via Dropbox


The device (Mac/PC or iPhone) that has made the latest changes, sends that data through Dropbox, and then is picked up by the other devices that are sharing the Dropbox source.


At any time, if you want the current device’s data to be the data that Dropbox has stored, simply make a temporary or permanent change to scheduled pairings, and it will be automatically sent to Dropbox.


For example, if you delete a device’s data, and don’t want empty data to be in Dropbox, simple open the other device and make any temporary or permanent change in the scheduled pairings, then that newer version (not empty data) is available to all devices.


Remember, the latest edited data is what is on Dropbox. That becomes the data that is shared between devices.




You can print the displayed calendar with the main Print toolbar button. To print a scheduled pairing (including notes, names, and passenger loads), use the Pairing Viewer’s Print toolbar button. The main calendar can be printed in large, medium, and small format. Pairings can be printed using classic format, displayed format (color table format, or without color). The pairing font size can be adjusted using the Font toolbar button on the Pairing Viewer.


Help and Technical Support


Select the main Help menu to access instructions. You can also contact SafiSoft directly at Be sure to include “WinBid Schedule” in the email subject line, as well as your installed version number as listed in the main WinBid, About WinBid Schedule menu.




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