LoraLee Spurlock (also known as "ShoSho") is well-known in many messianic circles. She is a reknowned teacher and mentor. She has taught in-depth Bible studies for over four decades to adults and young people. Although she is over 76 years old, she teaches Jewish dance, and can wear out anyone who wants to learn to worship the Almighty through "Davidic dance." Her frequent travels and unique wisdom have made her the favorite "grandmother" of familes from Coast-to-Coast and around the world.

She was married to Jack Spurlock for 28 years. Jack was a bush pilot who was killed in 1980 while serving in Congo, Central Africa, where they raised four children (Bob, Sherry, Rick, and Sandra). Her first grandchild was born in Africa. It was there she earned her nickname, "ShoSho" which is Kikuyu for "Grandmother." She is mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, to countless who love her. She is a servant and disciple of HaShem - and an example for all who want to deep and lasting relationship with Messiah. She is a daughter of Sarah, Rivka, Leah, and Rachel. She is the embodiment of the "Titus 2:3-5" woman.

These stories were told to a large gathering of family (children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren: Spurlocks, Schoenwalds, Niedrauers, Wilsons, Martins, and Sweeneys) at Sukkot in 2007 CE at the Schoenwald farm in East Texas. We were joined by over 200 from Congregation Etz Chayim (Dallas, Texas) on one evening.