e.Halo Gofers for iPhone and iPod Touch




e.Halo Gofers for iPhone and iPod Touch is for airline employees, their dependents, and travel guests. It focuses on automatically retrieving information from the online non-rev systems. If you’ve used our Halo program on your desktop computer, you know how great e.Halo Gofers will be on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


To keep typing to a minimum, Gofers are integrated.


To see what airlines we support, contact us.


For a full list of e.Halo Gofers capabilities, read the e.Halo Gofers User's Manual

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  • iPhone 5/S, 6/S, 6+/S, 7/7+/S, 8/8+, iPhone X, iPod Touch
  • iOS 8.0 or later
  • Cell or Wi-Fi Internet connection (for active connections to non-rev web sites)



No warranty is implied for e.Halo Gofers. The author is not responsible for information displayed in e.Halo Gofers



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