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What is Advance Check-In (ACI)?

Isn’t ACI cheating? I thought the Company said that we were not allowed to use other systems to check in after they started First Come First Serve.

Do you have ACI for Android?

How do I use ACI?

Errors and Tips


There are quite a few common mistakes that people make when using ACI. Here are some tips to make sure your experience is easy, efficient, and error free.


Recycle Password


There is a better way to manage AA's "90 day password expiration" rule: the Recycle Password gofer. All our apps have a Recycle Password feature. What Recycle Password essentially does is this:

Of course, if you use Recycle Password every couple of months, that means you can keep the same password indefinitely.


When Recycle Password is used, it displays an password expiration date in e.Halo/e.Halo Gofers/Halo so you can keep track of when you need to recycle your password again.


If you change your password manually, outside of e.Halo/e.Halo Gofers/Halo, then you may want to clear that password expiration message. That can be done in Preferences with the Clear AA Password Expiration button.


For more background on AA passwords, go here.


Password Tips

Does ACI work subsidiary employees?

Can I schedule ACI even if I don’t want to use a gofer to retrieve my Listing Confirmation (PNR)?

    1. Enter all the required information for your listing. Be careful to double check the date and time for the first departure, as well as the cities. The cities are only the first leg of your portion of the PNR that you are checking in for. In other words, if you are making a connection and then continuing on to your final destination, enter only the first leg’s cities. Web Check-In will make sure that you are checked in for your connections as well.
    2. Enter your email address
    3. Press the Schedule Advance Check-Inbutton

What Date and Time do I put in to schedule an ACI?

Will ACI check-in all the people travelling on my listing, or do I have to make an ACI for each passenger?

What order does ACI check-in e.Halo/Halo users on the same flight?

I received an ACI Error email message, what do I do now?

The History of Halo Technology


I originally wrote Halo in 2002. It was for Windows only. It stemmed from techniques that I had learned while contracted by a certain "government agency" to automate flying schedule interaction between a certain select group of pilots and that government agency. The techniques used involved interaction with a highly secure web presence. Although that agency eventually was rolled into another agency, some of my work still surives and is used today.


The original Halo was written for US Airways Employee Travel and used the "gofer" methodology to automate most of the tasks needed to make employee travel easier. The original Halo would create and retain non-rev listings, check you in, get and retain passenger booking totals, and much more.


After the merger between America West and US Airways, Employee Travel was completely overhauled and so was Halo. It moved from "the Hub" to "Wings." The feature set was scaled down. Employee Travel has undergone several upgrades in the last 5 years, and Halo has kept up with those changes.


In 2012, Halo was brought to iOS. First, the iPad with e.Halo for iPad. Later the same year, e.Halo Gofers for iPhone was implemented. e.Halo Gofers was a different app from e.Halo for iPad, primarily because the smaller iPhone screen size required significant changes to the way information was presented.


Halo for Mac is for macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or higher, on 64-bit Intel Macs. Halo for Windows, is a close cousin to Halo for Mac. It runs on Windows 7, 8.x, or 10. They both include the ACI feature.


Halo, e.Halo, and e.Halo Gofers (Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone) have done non-rev check-in since the beginning. For 15 years, thousands of employees have used Halo apps to automate their non-rev activities, including Web Check-In. Because Halo also does positive space activities a number of management employees have also used it.It simply works, because it uses exactly the same method to check-in as manually starting a Windows or Mac web browser and manually typing in the check-in information. e.Halo/e.Halo Gofers/Halo is not a check-in service. It is simply personal technology for people trying to follow the non-rev rules.


e.Halo/e.Halo Gofers/Halo do not broadcast their presence or identity. Remote systems see them merely as the system web browser. The user's location is not revealed to any remote system.




No warranty is implied for Halo, e.Halo, or e.Halo Gofers. The author is not responsible for information displayed in Halo, e.Halo or e.Halo Gofers

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